horizontal_logoThe Center for Developmental Science is an inter-institutional and multidisciplinary hub for the advanced study of human development. The faculty and fellows of the CDS form a community of scientists dedicated to understanding the complexity of human development with the goal of informing  efforts that improve the lives of children and families. We meet this goal through both a research and training mission. CDS faculty and research scientists direct research programs that primarily seek to:

  1. promote child and family health and well-being,
  2. improve educational systems and outcomes,
  3. and develop novel research methods for studying developmental processes.

CDS Acting Director

This spring, we extend our thanks to Dan Bauer, who has taken the role of acting director while Andrea Hussong is on research and study assignment, and Jennifer Coffman, who is assuming additional duties to support the directorship during this time.  Join them at CCHD consortium meetings this spring!