The Center for Developmental Science (CDS) is an inter-institutional and multi-disciplinary community of scientists engaged in the advanced study of human development.  Guided by the principles of Developmental Science, we recognize the complexity of developmental processes that underlie adjustment, health, and well-being across the phases of life.  Through our unique training and research mission, we pursue innovative methods to investigate the biological, cognitive, affective, and social systems that characterize the development of people in contexts, ranging from families to cultures.

Located at the University of  North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the CDS is home to over 100 faculty and fellows who conduct research and provide training to undergraduates, predoctoral students, postdoctoral fellows and early career scientists through the Carolina Consortium on Human Development training program. CDS faculty specialize in such disciplines as anthropology, behavioral genetics, clinical psychology, developmental psychology, developmental psychobiology, education, epidemiology, experimental psychology, internal medicine, behavioral neurobiology, nursing, pediatrics, psychiatry, public health, and sociology. Representing over 20 disciplines, CDS faculty have primary appointments at UNC-Chapel Hill, UNC-Greensboro, NC State University, NC Central University, Meredith College, Wake Forest University, and Duke University.

The CDS has a three branches that focus on training, research, and administrative support.

  • The Carolina Consortium on Human Development (CCHD) is the training branch and provides educational opportunities related to Developmental Science for undergraduates, predoctoral students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty at all levels.
  • The research branch is organized around four core areas of study that focus on developmental processes within educational settings, social and cognitive development , developmental psychopathology and health risk behaviors, and developmental methodology.
  • The administrative branch provides financial, grants management, IT, human resources, and other research support services for CDS faculty and fellows as well as leadership to guide the activities of the CDS.

There is considerable overlap across organizational divisions in the sharing of resources, ideas, and personnel.

CDS Commitment to Diversity

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has a long-held tradition of striving for excellence; this includes the core values of encouraging diversity and equal educational and employment opportunities throughout the University community. The Center for Developmental Science (CDS) shares this vision to build and sustain an inclusive community and to foster a welcoming climate that values and respects all members in the community. The CDS affirms the University’s commitment to diversity as a critical element of academic and research excellence.

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