Research Goals and Interests:

As a doctoral student in Education, Alecia’s research centers broadly on understanding within-school factors contributing to disparate academic outcomes between White students and students of color. More specifically, Alecia’s work investigates the interworking relationships among schooling structures and contexts, racial and academic identity development, and academic outcomes. Her work evaluates the manners in which schooling practices, relationships, curricula, and other structures unevenly shape the opportunities afforded to and schooling environments experienced by White versus minority students.

Alecia’s previous work has evaluated the effect of tracking and ability-grouping on students’ academic identity; the impact of student-teacher relationships on Black students’ academic engagement; and the importance of curriculum texts highlighting the experiences of US minority groups. Through her research, Alecia hopes to illuminate ways in which students, teachers, and other education stakeholders may work to improve the immediate experiences and consequent academic attitudes and outcomes lived by minority students.