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The Neonatal Eating Assessment Tool (NeoEAT): Development and content validation

Pados, B., Estrem, H., Thoyre, S., Park, J., & McComish, C.

Purpose: To develop and content validate the Neonatal Eating Assessment Tool (NeoEAT), a parent-report measure of infant feeding.
Design: The NeoEAT was developed in three phases. Phase 1: Items were generated from a literature review, available assessment tools, and parents’ descriptions of problematic feeding in infants. Phase 2: Professionals rated items for relevance and clarity. Content validity indices were calculated. Phase 3: Parent understanding was explored through cognitive interviews.
Sample: Phase 1: Descriptions of infant feeding were obtained from 12 parents of children with diagnosed feeding problems and 29 parents of infants younger than seven months. Phase 2: Nine professionals rated items. Phase 3: Sixteen parents of infants younger than seven months completed the cognitive interview.

Main Outcome Variable: Content validity of the NeoEAT.
Results: Three versions were developed: NeoEAT Breastfeeding (72 items), NeoEAT Bottle Feeding (74 items), and NeoEAT Breastfeeding and Bottle Feeding (89 items).

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