Center Director, Andrea Hussong, with Cairns Capstone Award Winner, Laurie Chassin

The Robert B. Cairns Capstone Lecture Award is awarded to a Developmental Science scholar whose work and achievements reflect the core commitments to training and research that form the mission of the CDS. It is awarded to a scholar who has served as an example of intellectual engagement in conversations with leaders in the field, and as a producer of high quality research in Developmental Science.Each semester we give this award to a senior scientist who, in turn, delivers a broad reaching lecture as part of the Carolina Consortium on Human Development series.

We are proud to recognize the accomplishments of winners, past and present.This fall, we recognize Dr. Laurie Chassin of Arizona State University, for her contributions to the areas of substance use research, focusing on developmental pathways of risk and resilience from childhood to adulthood.




Robert Seller

University of Michigan

Spring 2013

Megan Gunnar

University of Minnesota

Fall 2013

John Nesselroade

University of Virginia

Spring 2014

Jacquelynne Eccles

University of California at Irvine

Fall 2014

Mark Greenberg

Pennsylvania State University

Spring 2015

Daniel Shaw

University of Pittsburgh

Fall 2015

Nathan Fox

University of Maryland

Spring 2016

Judith Smetana

University of Rochester

Fall 2016

Kenneth Sher

University of Missouri

Spring 2017

Laurie Chassin

Arizona State University

Fall 2017