Resilience in Development


Lynne Baker-Ward (Developmental Psychology, NC State) Natasha Bowen (Social Work, UNC-CH) Ken Dodge (PPS-Duke University) Mary Haskett (School Psychology, NC State) Ann Schulte (School Psychology, NC State)

Brief Overview: Discerning the processes by which children develop and function in adaptive or competent ways despite extreme stress, disadvantage, or adversity offers considerable promise for elucidating developmental theory, as well as for guiding prevention, intervention, and policy initiatives. The traits which contribute to resilience and the mechanisms that facilitate its operation will be explored, as will the potential clinical applications of that knowledge. Based on a view of resilience as a transactional process that occurs in the context of an organizational framework, the goal of the planning committee is to incorporate discussions of genetic, biological, psychological, and sociological factors as they relate to resilience among children and adolescents.




Aug 30 Organizers Opening session
Sep 6 Labor Day No session
Sep 13 Gian Vittorio Caprara, Department of Psychology, University of Rome Personal Determinants of Prosocial Behavior Beneficial Effects Across the Lifespan
Sep 20 Jane Costello, Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, Duke University Maltreatment and resilience: Evidence from a longitudinal study
Sep 27 Frances Campbell and Elizabeth Pungello, Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute,
The Abecedarian/Care Studies: Then and Now
Oct 4 Paul Smokowski,
School of Social Work, UNC-CH
Products and Processes: Mixed-Methods Approaches to Understanding Risk and Resilience
Oct 11 Robyn Fivush, Emory University Stressing memory: Relations among narratives, stress and resilience
Oct 18 Emmy E. Werner, Department of Human & Community Development, University of California-Davis Resilience:Lessons from the Kauai Longitudnal Study
Oct 25 Suniya Luthar, Teachers College, Columbia University Reconceptualizing resilience: Considerations for research and interventions
Nov 1 Natasha Bowen, School of Social Work, UNC-CH Developmental predictors of resilience in children with serious emotional disturbance and aggressive behavior
Nov 8 Bonnie Klimes-Dougan, Department of Psychology, University of Minnesota Resilience in Children at Risk for Depression
Nov 15 Margaret Burchinal, Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute,
Risk and protective factors: Comparing various methods for computing risk indices
Nov 22 Kenneth Dodge,
Center for Child & Family Policy, Duke University
Gene-Environment Interaction Effects as a Window into Resilience
Nov 29 Organizers CANCELLED