Early Experiential Influences on Later Development:  From Choline to Culture


Lynne Baker-Ward (North Carolina State University)
Patricia Bauer (Duke University)
Steve Reznick (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)




Sep 11 Tina Williams
Duke University
Food for thought: Choline availability during pregnancy leads to long term alterations in memory and neuroprotection of the offspring
Sep 18 Scott Robinson
University of Iowa
Ontogeny of action systems in the rat fetus
Sep 25 Julie Mennella
Monell Chemical Senses Center
Flavor programming in humans
Oct 2 Yom Kippur No Session
Oct 9 Susan Brunssen
Inflammation in the brain at mid-gestation
Oct 16 Michael Georgieff
University of Minnesota
The role of nutrients in brain development
Oct 23 Lawrence Harper
UC Davis
Epigenetic inheritance: Trans-generational effects of early experience
Oct 30 George Michel
The meaning of experience – early or otherwise
Nov 6 Susan Rose
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Information Processing in Full-terms and Preterms: Infant Abilities and their Consequences
Nov 13 Maria Kroupina
University of Minnesota
Neurobiologic effects of early
adversity-institutionalization on the developing brain
Nov 20 Allyson Bennett
Wake Forest University
Identifying Developmental Risk Pathways with Nonhuman Primate Research
Nov 27 Daphne Maurer
McMaster University
Sensitive Periods Re-examined: Evidence from Children treated for Cataract
Dec 4 Amy Needham
Duke University
Effects of early simulated reaching experience on infants’ subsequent