Emerging perspectives on gene-environment interplay
and contributions to development and health


Vangie Foshee, UNC-CH (Chair)
Adrian Angold, Duke University
E. Jane Costello, Duke University
Jean-Louis Gariepy, UNC-CH
Carolyn Halpern, UNC-CH
Mike Shanahan, UNC-CH




Aug 25 David DeMarini
Genetics Terminology: Graduate Seminar Participants Class Meeting 3:00–5:00
No 5:00 Consortium Meeting
Sep 1 NO SESSION Labor Day
Sep 8 Gerald McClearn
The Pennsylvania State University
Genes in Context
Sep 15 Mike Shanahan
UNC-Chapel Hill
Genetic Propensity and Environmental Contingency: An Appreciation for Variation
Sep 22 David Reiss
Yale Child Study Center
Genetic Strategies for Exploring the Ontogeny of Parenting
Sep 29 NO SESSION Rosh Hashanah
Oct 6 Sara Jaffee
King’s College London
Genetic effects on birthweight among children whose mothers smoked during pregnancy: A discordant dizygotic twins design
Oct 13 Brian D’Onofrio
Indiana University
Quasi-experimental studies of early risk factors for mental health problems
Oct 20 Jason Boardman
University of Colorado at Boulder
Gene-environment interplay among adolescents and young adults
Oct 27 Frances Champagne
Columbia University
Epigenetics and the Long-Term Effects of Early Experience
Nov 3 Jenae Neiderhiser
The Pennsylvania State University
Using behavioral genetics to understand the role of the environment: The importance of genotype-environment correlation and interaction within the family
Nov 10 Danielle Dick
Virginia Commonwealth University
Gene Environment Interplay in the Development of Alcohol Problems: From Twin Studies to GWAS and Back
Nov 17 Allyson Bennett
Wake Forest University
Using longitudinal studies in macaques to understand the role of early events and genes in lifespan health
Nov 24 Jane Costello
Duke University
GEDI: (Gene-Environment-Development Initiative): Ethics in the next generation of genomics research
Dec 1 Doug Wahlsten
Implications of advances in molecular genetic technology for mental health and intelligence
Dec 8 Postdoc Integration Session
3:00 Predoc and Graduate Student Wrap-up during graduate seminar time
5:00  onsortium Session:
Postdoc Integrative Discussion, lead by Postdoctoral Fellows