Motivation to Learn & School Engagement:  A Developmental Science Perspective


Judith Meece, UNC-CH (Chair)
Martha Cox, UNC-CH
Beth Kurtz-Costes, UNC-CH
Lisa Linnenbrink-Garcia, Duke
Marion O’Brien, UNC-Greensboro




Aug 31 Graduate Class Meets 3:00 – 5:00 No 5:00   – 6:30 Session
Sep 7 NO SESSION Labor Day
Sep 14 Panel Discussion
(Judith Meece, Beth Kurtz-Costes, Marion O’Brien, Lisa Linnenbrink-Garcia, Dale Schunk)
Theoretical Perspectives on Motivation to Learn
Sep 21 Eva Pomerantz
University of Illinois
Involvement in Children’s Learning: The Case of the United States and China
Sep 28 NO   SESSION Yom   Kippur
Oct 5 Bob Pianta
University of Virginia
Improving the impacts of classrooms: Professional development and classroom observation
Oct 12 Kathryn Wentzel
University of Maryland
Understanding School Success of Young Adolescents: The Role of Self-Processes and Social Supports
Oct 19 Ann Renninger
Interest and Learning
Oct 26 Jacque Eccles
University of Michigan
Stage Environment Fit: How should we think about a developmentally appropriate sequence of educational experiences for 10-20 year old?
Nov 2 Judith Meece
UNC-CHBeth Kurtz-Costes
Theoretical Perspectives on Gender and Motivation Stereotypes about Gender and Race Differences in Academic Abilities: The Nexus of   Identity and Motivation
Nov 9 Roslyn Mickelson
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Overcoming Racial Gaps in High School Mathematics and Science: Lessons Learned from a   Community-Based Approach
Nov 16 Jim Connell
Institute for Research and Reform in Education (Philadelphia, PA)
First Things First: From Theory to Action and Back
Nov 23 Lisa Linnenbrink-Garcia
Duke University
Heather Davis
NC State University
Emotion and Motivational Processes
Nov 30 Gary Bowen
Pathways to School Persistence
Dec 7 Integration Session N/A