Exploring the Relation Between Parent Psychopathology
and the Development of Children’s Emotion Regulation


Andrea Hussong, Committee Chair (UNC-CH)
Mark Fraser (UNC-CH)
Mary Haskett (NCSU)
Deborah Jones (UNC-CH)
Lilly Shanahan (UNC-Greensboro)




Aug 30 Graduate Class Meets 3:00 – 5:00 No evening seminar!
Sep 6 NO SESSION Labor Day
Sep 13 Susan Calkins,
UNC -Greensboro
Parenting, emotion regulation, and psychopathology: Conceptual and empirical challenges
Sep 20 Ken Dodge,
Duke University
Parenting and children’s emotion regulation
Sep 27 Jenny Macfie,
University of Tennessee
A challenge for offspring of mothers who have borderline personality disorder: the development of emotion regulation
Oct 4 Rina Das Eiden,
University at Buffalo, State University of New York
Regulatory behaviors among children of substance using parents
Oct 11 NO SESSION Fall Break
Oct 18 Paul Frick,
University of New Orleans
Callous-unemotional traits and developmental pathways to conduct problems
Oct 25 Bruce Compas,
Vanderbilt University
Coping, Emotion Regulation and the Prevention of Depression
Nov 1 Ahmad Hariri,
Duke University
Biological pathways to individual differences in behavior and risk for psychopathology
Nov 8 Lisa Berlin,
Duke University
Maternal Psychopathology and Infant Emotion Regulation in the Context of Early Interventions for High-Risk Families
Nov 15 Wendy Kliewer,
Virginia Commonwealth University
The role of parent emotional competence in the socialization of coping with stress
Nov 22 Helen Egger ,
Duke University
Anxiety Disorders in Preschoolers
Nov 29 Mark Cummings,
University of Notre Dame
Parental depression, emotional security and relationships in families, and child adjustment
Dec 6 Postdoctoral Fellows Integration session