School Transitions


Oscar Barbarin
Tom Farmer
Nancy Hill
Mike Shanahan
Lynne Vernon-Feagans




Jan 24 Organizers School Transitions: Opportunities and Challenges in Development
Jan 31 Fred Morrison,
The University of Michigan
The Transition to School: Emerging Themes in Early Development.
Feb 7 Bob Pianta,
University of Virginia
The Social Ecology of the Transition to School: Classrooms, Families, and Children
Feb 14 Carol Hammer,
The Pennsylvania State University
Latino Children’s Language and Literacy Development
From Head Start through First Grade
Feb 21 Lorraine Taylor,
UNC Chapel Hill
Recollections about School and Parental use of
Transition Practices: Are thereLinks?
Feb 28 Nancy E. Hill, Duke University Family School Involvement: Developmental and Demographic Variations at the Transition to Middle School
Mar 7 Wendy S. Grolnick, Clark   University TBA
Mar 14 No Session Spring Break
Mar 21 Jacque Eccles,
The University of Michigan
Mar 28 Nancy Gonzales, Arizona State   University Puentes A La Secundaria: An Intervention to Reduce School Disengagement and Mental Health Problems for   Mexican American Adolescents
April 4 Kathryn Schiller Stratification of Opportunities during the Transition to High School: Findings from Adolescent Health and   Academic Achievement
April 11 Jennifer Maggs,
The Pennsylvania State University
Fluctuations in Alcohol Use During the Transition to College: The Importance of Studying Predictors of   Variability in Addition to Change
Apr 18 Carol Stack,
University of California at Berkeley
Tales of Luck and Pluck, with Fries
Apr 25 Post Doctoral Speakers Closing