Development in African American Children and Youth:
Contextual, Cultural, Family, Individual, and Interactive Influences


Vonnie C. McLoyd (UNC-CH, committee chair)
Stephanie Coard (Duke University)
Shauna Cooper (UNC-CH)
Nancy Hill (Duke University)
Deborah Jones (UNC-CH)
Shawn Latendresse (UNC-CH)
Pamela Martin (North Carolina State University)




Jan 23 Planning Committee Introduction
Jan 30 Tom Farmer
UNC Chapel Hill
Educating Out and Giving Back: Issues in Planning for the Future for African American Adolescents from Low Resource Rural Communities
Feb 6 Gene Brody
University of Georgia
Perceived Discrimination and the Adjustment of African American Youths: A Five Year Longitudinal Analysis with Contextual Moderation Effects
Feb 13 Dalton Conley
New York University
Family Background in Black and White:
How and When Class of Origin and Race Matter
Feb 20 Emilie Smith
Penn State University
A Place to Be Somebody: Building Community Support for Positive Youth and Family Development
Feb 27 Robert Sellers
University of Michigan
Racial Identity in African American Adolescent Development
Mar 6 Amanda Lewis
University of Illinois – Chicago
The Everydayness of Race
Mar 13 No Meeting – Spring Break N/A
Mar 20 William Cross
CUNY Graduate Center
Racial identity as a lived experience: Vygotsky’s Activity Theory and the Discourse on Race
Mar 27 Pamela Martin
North Carolina State University
Beyond Religiosity: Religious Socialization Among African American Adolescents
Apr 3 Judi Smetana
University of Rochester
Adolescent-Parent Relationships in Middle-Class African American Families
Apr 10 Stephanie Coard
Duke University
The Black Parenting Strengths and Strategies Program: A Randomized Pilot Study
Apr 17 Cleopatra Howard Caldwell
University of Michigan
Parental Support, Racial Identity, and Psychological Well-being among African American and Caribbean Black Adolescents: Findings from the National Survey of   American Life
Apr 24 Margaret Burchinal
UNC Chapel Hill
Social Risk and Protective Factors for African American Children’s Academic Achievement and Adjustment During the Transition to Middle School – Results from Two Longitudinal Studies