Gender Differences in the Meanings and Functions
of Peer Relationships


Mitch Prinstein, UNC-Chapel Hill (Chair)
Steve Asher, Duke University
Jill Hamm, UNC-Chapel Hill
Martha Putallaz, Duke University
Sam Song, UNC-Chapel Hill




Jan 14 3:00 Class Only.
No 5:00 Meeting!
Introduction to the Issues
Jan 21 NO SESSION MLK Holiday, No Classes
Jan 28 Lynn Smith-Lovin
Duke University
A Structural View of Gender Development: Networks, Culture and Meaning
Feb 4 Jeff Parker
University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa
Life Beyond the Dyad: Friendship Networks, Jealousy, Aggression, and Gender
Feb 11 Heidi Gazelle
At the Intersection of Child and Environment: Anxious Solitude, Peer Adversity, and Gender Moderation
Feb 18 Amori Mikami
University of Virginia
Peer Relationships among Girls with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
Feb 25 Marion Underwood
University of Texas at Dallas
Social Aggression: Gender, Origins, and Outcomes
Mar 3 Mitch Prinstein
UNC-Chapel Hill
Gender Differences in Dyadic Peer Relations
Mar 10 NO SESSION Spring Break
Mar 17 Margaret Clark
Yale University
The Jekyll and Hyde-ing of Relationship Partners
Mar 24 Amanda Rose
University of Missouri-Columbia
Co-rumination in the Friendships of Girls and Boys
Mar 31 CANCELLED Recheduled for April 21st
Apr 7 Niobe Way
New York University
Examining the meaning and function of friendships among adolescent boys from diverse cultural contexts
Apr 14 Julie Hubbard
University of Delaware
Reactive and Proactive Aggression in Childhood: What’s Gender Got To Do With It?
Apr 21 Steve Asher
Duke University
Gender Differences in Relationship Competence: A Social Tasks and Social Goals Perspective