Getting the Social “Under the Skin:” Developmental Perspectives on Embodiment


Allyson Bennett, Wake Forest University
Susan Calkins, UNC-Greensboro
Michael Shanahan (Chair), UNC-Chapel Hill
Keith Whitfield, Duke University




Jan 10 Graduate Class Meets 3:00 – 4:30 No 5:00 session
Jan 17 NO SESSION Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday
Jan 24 James Jackson,
University of Michigan
Affordances Framework for Understanding Physical and Mental Health Disparities
*Please Note that this Presentation will be held at the Planetarium: Science Stage.
Jan 31 Louise Hawkley,
University of Chicago
Loneliness Matters: Concepts, Consequences, and Mechanisms
Feb 7 Susan Lutgendorf,
University of Iowa
From Mind to Brain To Cancer Cell: A Systemic Approach to Cancer Progression
Feb 14 Allyson Bennett,
Wake Forest University
Long-term Consequences of Early Life Stress in Nonhuman Primates
Feb 21 Shevaun Neupert,
North Carolina State University
‘Under the Skin’: Individual and Contextual Considerations
Feb 28 Staci Bilbo,
Duke University
Early-Life Programming of Later-Life Brain & Behavior: A Critical Role for the Immune System
Mar 7 NO SESSION Spring Break
Mar 14 Jon Hussey,
UNC Chapel Hill
The Programming of Chronic Disease
Mar 21 Stephen B. Manuck,
University of Pittsburgh
Species of Gene-Environment Interaction in Development: Diathesis-Stress, Vantage Sensitivity, and Differential Susceptibility
Mar 28 Janet DiPietro,
Johns Hopkins University
In the Beginning: The Maternal-Fetal Relationship
Apr 4 Jane Costello and Bill Copeland,
Duke University
Vulnerability to Psychopathology: The Interplay between Stressors and Biomarkers
Apr 11 Postdoc Integration Session Postdoctoral Fellows