Spring 2012

The Developmental Science of Health-Risk Behaviors





January 9

Class Only


January 16

Martin Luther King

No Meeting


January 23

Andrea Hussong

UNC-Chapel Hill

Early-emerging risk for an internalizing   pathway to substance use and disorder

January 30

Daniel Bauer

UNC-Chapel Hill

How Mixture   Models Can and Cannot Further Developmental Science

February 6

Angela Bryan

University of   Colorado at Boulder

Adolescent response to interventions to   reduce HIV/STD risk behavior: Integrating genetic factors and neurocognitive   activation

February 13

Phil Costanzo

Duke University

Social Influence, Self Persuasion and the   Reduction of Substance Abuse Risk in Adolescents: Employing   “Old-Fashioned” Social Psychology with Modern Day Youth

February 20

Kelly Rulison


Assembling the   Peer Influence Puzzle: Using Social Network Analysis to Clarify How Peers   Promote (or Prevent) the Development and Spread of Health Risk Behaviors

February 27

Christina Meade
Duke University

Drug abuse and   HIV risk across the lifespan

March 5

Spring Break

No Meeting


March 12

Carl Lejuez

University of Maryland

Measuring   Positive and Negative Reinforcement Processes Underlying Adolescent   Risk-Taking Behavior

March 19

Myles Faith (UNC-CH),
Peggy Bentley (UNC-CH),
and Phil Costanzo (Duke)

Panel discussion: The Development   of Obesity: Longitudinal and Global Perspectives

March 26

Jed Rose, Ed Levin, and Scott Swartzwelder

Duke University

Vulnerabilities   to Drug Abuse and Improved Therapeutic Treatments

April 2

Craig Colder

SUNY at Buffalo

Developmental   pathways to adolescent substance use: The role of internalizing problems?

April 9

Deborah Jones

UNC-Chapel Hill

Addressing   the Role of Maltreatment in the Initiation and Prevention of Adolescent   Risky Behavior

April 16

Rob Foss

UNC-Chapel Hill

Adolescents’   Transition to Driving: Dealing with Developmental Issues through Policy

April 23

Bob Zucker

University of   Michigan

Brain to Health Risk   Behavior to Context/Context to Brain and Behavior: Transactions across   developmental time