Developmental Mechanisms in Racial and Ethnic Minority Children and Youth

Organizing Committee:  Enrique Neblett (Chair), Jessica DeCuir-Gunby, Jonathan Livingston, Pamela Martin, Eleanor Seaton, Gaby Stein, Makeba Wilbourn




February 4

Linda Burton

Duke University

“Hiding in Plain Sight:  Racialization, Colorism, and the Intimate Union and Childbearing Behaviors of Adolescent and Young-Adult Rural Mothers” 

February 11

 Enrique Neblett

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

 “Racial and Ethnic Protective Mechanisms in Ethnic Minority Youth Development”

February 18

Carol Markstrom

West Virginia University

“Risk, Protection, and the Role of Culture in Identity Formation of Indigenous North American Adolescents”

February 25

 Richard M Lee

University of Minnesota

“Acknowledgment of race and difference in transracial, transnational adoption”

March 4

Natasha Cabrera

University of Maryland

 “Father Engagement and  Children’s Social Development: Evidence from Early to Middle Childhood”

March 11

Spring Break

No Meeting


March 18

 Margaret Beale Spencer

University of Chicago

“Urban  Adolescents’ Skin Tone Perception and the Prediction of Ego Resiliency:  Examining influences of  demographics and achievement” 

March 25

 Adriana J. Umaña-Taylor

Arizona State University

“Latino Adolescents’ Ethnic Identity: A promotive and/or protective factor”

April 1

 Lisa Kiang

Wake Forest University

“Ethnic Identity and Beyond: Exploring Positive Resources in Adolescent Development”

April 8

Velma McBride Murry

Vanderbilt University

“Translating Longitudinal Research into Preventive Intervention Programs for Rural African American Parents and Youths” 

April 15

 Karolyn Tyson

UNC-Chapel Hill

 “Making Sense of Race and Place: Black Students and Racialized Tracking in a “Color-blind”  Society”

April 22

 Rob Sellers

University of Michigan

 “Racial Socialization Experiences in the Daily Lives of African American Youth”