Congratulations to our 2018-2020 CCHD Postdoctoral Fellows

The CDS is pleased to welcome our newest postdoctoral fellows, Michelle Martin Romero (CCHD Mentor: Drs. Stein and Burton), Natasha Duell, (CCHD Mentor: Drs. Telzer and Prinstein), Kamilah Legette, (CCHD Mentors: Drs. Kurtz-Costes and Halberstadt) and Leah Richmond-Rakerd (CCHD Mentor: Drs. Moffitt and Hussong).

2016-2017 CCHD Postdoctoral Fellows

Back row: Hayley Estrem, Ph.D., Michaeline Jensen, Ph.D., Sherika Hill, Ph.D.
Front row: Helen Milojevich, Ph.D., Mairin Augustine, Ph.D.

2017-2018 CCHD Predoctoral Fellows

Front row: Rebeccah Sokol, Jon Schaefer, Alison Cooke, Pete Rehder, Alecia Smith, Taylor Thomas
Not Pictured: Jessica Bullins

Postdoctoral Fellows

Mairin Augustine, PhD

Hayley Henrikson Estrem, RN, PhD

Sherika Hill, PhD

Michaeline Jensen, PhD

Helen Milojevich, PhD


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Predoctoral Fellows

Jessica Bullins

Alison Cooke

Pete Rehder

Jon Schaefer

Alecia Smith

Rebeccah Sokol

Taylor Thomas


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