Research Goals and Interests:

A registered nurse, Hayley’s primary research interests began with a desire to improve family-centered care for children with feeding problems and developmental disabilities. Her research interests combine measure development, multi-method integration, and family-centered care for infants and children with special health care needs. Her dissertation consisted of three studies: the concept of feeding problems as available in the literature, how parents perceive the concept of feeding problems, and a description of how families manage caring for children with clinically significant feeding difficulty. Since 2009, Hayley has been a member of UNC’s Feeding Flock, an interdisciplinary research team with a mission to partner with families to nurture young children with feeding difficulties. With the Feeding Flock team, she develops psychometrically sound measures; these measures are essential building blocks for a foundation of evidence based, and patient and family-centered care for children with pediatric feeding disorder.

As a CCHD postdoctoral fellow at the Center for Developmental Science, Hayley is mentored by Dr. Eric Hodges. PhD, FNP-BC. Through Dr. Hodges’ recently funded R21 Enhancing Caregiver-Infant Communication to Prevent Obesity with the Sign with Your Baby intervention, Hayley is exploring application options for integration of observational data, dyadic physiologic data (namely respiratory sinus arrhythmia), and parent self-report for families of children with developmental disabilities.  Hayley continues to contribute to the mission and projects of the Feeding Flock, and has led psychometric testing of the family management of feeding measure (FaMM Feed) and the parent and family impact of feeding tool.


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