Adrian Angold, MRCPsych

Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
School of Medicine
Duke University

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Research interests & goals:
Adrian Angold is Director of the Center for Developmental Epidemiology. Developmental epidemiology seeks to apply developmental and epidemiological principles to the multidisciplinary study of psychopathology. Within this overall framework, his main research interests relate to the study of depression, anxiety, and disruptive behavior disorders and their effects on service use in children and adolescents. Current activities include studies of (1) the relationships among pubertal hormonal changes, morphological changes, life strain, and psychopathology; (2) psychopathology in preschoolers; (3) cardiovascular reactivity and psychopathology; (4) comorbidity among disorders; and (5) the psychometric properties of a variety of instruments developed at the Center for Developmental Epidemiology.