Claire E. Baker, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
School of Education
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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Research interests & goals:

Claire Baker is an Assistant Professor of Applied Developmental Science and Human Development and Family Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Her current scholarship bridges perspectives from education, psychology and public policy in order to inform fresh perspectives and innovative approaches to studying children and families. Through interdisciplinary collaborations and the use of large, nationally representative data, she explores how families, neighborhoods and Head Start programs contribute to multiple dimensions of children’s school readiness. She is particularly interested in the positive influence of fathers during the early childhood years.


Baker, C.E. (2017). Father involvement and child development in ethnic minority families: Implications for responsible fatherhood programs. In Iruka, I. & Currenton, S. (Eds.), African American children in early childhood education: Making the case for policy investments in families, schools, and communities.

Bratsch-Hines, M., Baker, C.E., & Vernon-Feagans, L. (2016). Ethnic minority families in the rural United States: Family processes, childcare, and early schooling. In Rural ethnic minority youth and families in the United States (pp. 143-164). Springer International Publishing

Baker, C.E. (2016). When daddy comes to school: Father-school involvement and children’s academic and social emotional skills. Early Child Development and Care, 45, 122-131.