Philip R. Costanzo, Ph.D.

Director, Research Training Program in Education Policy Research
Department of Psychology
Duke University

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Philip Costanzo is Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience and is the former Chair of the Department of Psychology. He is head of the NIDA Initial Review Group on Centers. He has successfully bridged the fields of social psychology, developmental psychology, and clinical psychology in his research on children’s addictive behaviors and attitude development, persuasion, and moral values. He has been funded by NIMH, NIAAA, NIDA, and NSF to study, develop, and evaluate prevention programs to reduce risk for chronic violence, alcoholism, and related problem behaviors. Costanzo is the Director of the Doctoral Research Training Program in Education Policy Research, funded by the Spencer Foundation. This program brings together discipline-based students and faculty members from Duke and the University of North Carolina to learn how to interact across disciplines to solve major problems in education, such as the minority achievement and behavior gap, the crisis in teacher labor markets, and how to balance accountability reforms with children’s social and academic learning.