Keith Whitfield, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience
Research Professor of Medicine
Department of Psychology and Neuroscience
Duke University

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Keith Whitfield is Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at Duke University. His research is concentrated on biobehavioral aspects of aging and focuses on minorities, specifically African Americans. He uses a two prong approach that includes studying individuals as well as members of twin pairs. Dr. Whitfield’s research examines the individual variation in health and individual differences in cognition due to health conditions. Dr. Whitfield has worked with researchers from Sweden, Russia, and the United States to examine how social, psychological, and cultural factors affect cognition and healthy aging. He has completed a study that examined health and psycho-social factors related to health among adult African American twins from North Carolina. His current research project is a longitudinal study of cognition and health among older African Americans.