Research Goals and Interests:

Rebeccah’s research broadly entails understanding the ways in which early life circumstances give rise to health trajectories. Specifically, she is interested in exploring what family context factors moderate the relationship between early disadvantage and subsequent health. She has led several systematic reviews, with topics ranging from describing how the literature defines ‘hardly reached’ populations, to assessing the prospective relationship between parenting style and weight. Rebeccah is also a Teaching Assistant for quantitative methods courses in the Gillings School of Global Public Health, and a student representative for the Child and Family Health Special Interest Group of the Society of Behavioral Medicine.

Rebeccah’s research, coursework, and extracurricular engagements are influenced by the desire to inform the development of policies and programs that may help more children attain a healthy lifestyle, even after experiencing disadvantage. As a second-year CCHD Pre-Doctoral Fellow, she plans to pursue her dissertation work. This work involves evaluating what factors moderate and mediate the relationship between child maltreatment experiences and body mass index trajectories from adolescence to early adulthood.