Dr. Sherick Hughes, UNC-CH
Project SyNERGY: Studying Neuroscience, Education and Racially-biased Generalizations for an academic Year is an interdisciplinary collaboration by Dr. Sherick Hughes (UNC-CH, School of Education) and Dr. Ahmad Hariri (Duke University, Psychology & Neuroscience).  The goal of the project is to learn more about the relationships between racial bias, new racial experiences, and neuroplasticity, (i.e., the brain’s ability to reorganize and reactivate after new experiences) with the objective of evaluating whether classroom diversity training can impact race perceptions and biases in pre-service teachers as a means of addressing educational disparities over time.
Dr. Nisha Gottfredson, UNC-CH
A second project spearheaded by Dr. Nisha Gottfredson (UNC-CH, School of Public Health) includes collaborators  Dr. Alison Stuebe (UNC-CH, Maternal and Child Health), Dr. Karen Grewen (UNC-CH, Psychiatry, Neurobiology, and Psychology), and Dr. Cathi Propper (UNC-CH, CDS). These investigators will conduct interviews with mothers in recovery from addictions to learn about the role of new motherhood on recovery outcomes with the goal of identifying the intersection of risk and protective factors within the maternal developmental life course that might promote healthy outcomes.