Frank Porter Graham Child Development Center
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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Research Interests & Goals:
Barbara D. Goldman is an Investigator at the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Center. Dr. Goldman’s research interests center around the development of cognitive, social, and communication skills in infants and young children with and without disabilities. In the cognitive realm, her work focuses on learning and memory in infants and young children, as assessed by standardized tests and a variety of alternative assessments, including classical and operant conditioning and expectancy formation. In the social realm, Dr. Goldman’s work includes longitudinal studies of mother-infant interaction and associated issues in parenting children with handicapping conditions or life-threatening medical conditions, and early peer interaction, especially that of very young children and children with disabilities. Research and applied interests in communication focus on video-based training of caregivers to sensitively foster the development of conversational skills in infants and young children, including those with disabilities.