Associate Professor
Department of Human Development and Family Studies
University of North Carolina at Greensboro

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Research Interests & Goals:
Roger Mills-Koonce is an Associate Professor and the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Additionally, he is Co-Director of the NICHD Family Life Project and Assistant Director of the Behavioral Science Research Division at the Center for Developmental Science. Dr. Mills-Koonce’s interests include multiple levels of functioning within the family system, with a specific focus on the genetic, psychobiological, and environmental contributions to the development of parenting behaviors, parent-child relationships, and early emotional and behavioral development in young children. Within this area of study, he has two specific lines of research on which he is currently focused. The first is the study of biological and environmental influences on the development of early-onset conduct problems with and without callous and unemotional traits in young children. The second line of research is on the development of fathering and the effects of fathers on children and the broader family system. Along with several colleagues affiliated with the Center for Development Science, Dr. Mills-Koonce has begun to collaborate on future studies of family processes and early child development in nontraditional families, such as first and second generation Latino immigrant families and families headed by gay and lesbian parents.

Dr. Mills-Koonce was also selected as a Faculty Engaged Scholar in 2012. For more information about his work and this prestigous group, read more here.