Developmental Considerations in Health Disparities Research

Organizing Committee

We thank the organizing committee – organized by Gabriela Stein (UNC-G) and Shauna Cooper (UNC-CH) and includes Stephanie Irby Coard (UNCG), Lisa Kiang (Wake Forest), Sherika Hill (Duke), Linda Burton (Duke), and Enrique Neblett (UNC-CH) – for coordinating this exciting series.


The faculty at the Center for Developmental Science is pleased to announce the Spring 2018 semester of the Carolina Consortium on Human Development: Developmental Considerations in Health Disparities Research. 

Over the course of this semester, we will explore developmental mechanisms underlying health disparities from an interdisciplinary perspective. Reflecting the complexity of this issue, we will examine health disparities in conjunction with a number of other existing disparities (i.e., educational) with particular attention paid to the role of intersecting identities and identifying key developmental periods. Presentations will strive to identify individual, social, cultural, and structural factors that are directly and indirectly related to the emergence and mitigation of these disparities. We will also focus on definitional and measurement issues in developmentally-focused disparities research. 

Speakers reflect a variety of areas of expertise, and include such presenters as Howard Stevenson (University of Pennsylvania), Dawn Witherspoon (Penn State University), Hiro Yoshikawa (NYU), Tiffany Yip (Fordham University), and Ezemenari Obasi (University of Houston).

A graduate seminar associated with weekly Proseminar presentations at the Carolina Consortium on Human Development will be offered on Mondays from 3:30 – 5:00 and will be led by Gabriela Stein and Shauna Cooper. Spaces in this class are limited, and graduate students who are interested are asked to contact Cathi Propper at to express their interest in the seminar.