We support the unique challenges and demands faced by early career faculty affiliated with the CDS through a variety of activities.

Mentored Summer Faculty Grant Writing Program

This is a competitive program open to CDS faculty from any of our constituent universities who are interested in gaining a mentored experience in developing, writing and submitting a federally funded grant proposal.

Early Career Writing Group

This is a monthly meeting of postdoctoral fellows and early career faculty to which members can submit their ongoing written work (i.e., grants, manuscripts, abstracts) for peer review and feedback.  For meeting times, view our announcements.

Mentoring on Mentoring

Early career faculty involved as CCHD mentors also have access to senior scientists who can offer mentoring advice. Much of this advice comes through formal roles as part of a trainee’s advisory committee or co-mentor but senior scientist are also more generally available to early career faculty to support the development of mentorship.

Social Networking and Identifying Collaborators

Participating in the activities of the CDS is an easy way to meet Developmental Scientists from multiple disciplines across our six constituent universities.  In addition, opportunities to meet with nationally recognized researchers through our CCHD consortium series is an excellent opportunity to learn more about  who is working in Developmental Science around the country.  We are also happy to help identify potential collaborators and to help faculty with specific interests form faculty interest groups to pursue specific projects and scientific discussion.  We facilitate collaborations between those outside of Developmental Science and faculty within the CDS as well as between members of our faculty pursuing novel interests.